Black Sunday 31/10/10

Black Sunday - 31/10/2010.

This was the day over 50 of our people were murdered by extremists and scores taken wounded in a Church in Baghdad. Shortly after, more attacks were made with similar casualties, leaving hundreds more injured. We have suffered long and we do not want to suffer anymore.
These Black Marches, demonstrations and protests are being held all over the world by our brothers and sisters to honour our deceased and call for action.

The Iraqi government and officials here must do more to ensure the safety of all peoples of Iraq, particularly the often targeted minorities. Come out in force and please invite/bring people with you.

Here is the list of the global events.

Please email if you do not see your event and give us all the details you can so we can advertise it. Send photos/videos etc of the events to this email when they become available.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Here are some articles and reports on the successful rallies that occurred all over the globe. Let's keep this up.

Stockholm, Sweden:,457348.msg4921822.html#msg4921822

Detroit, Michigan:

Video Footage

Here are the links to some of the footage captured at the Black March rallies. Everybody did an exceptional job. Our voices were heard, here is proof.

Chicago, Illinois:

Hamilton, Canada:

Toronto, Canada:

Melbourne, Australia:

Youth from Sydney, Australia make an unexpected guest appearance on a program:

Detroit, Michigan:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Brussels, Belgium:

Paris, France:

We would like video content from all the rallies that have been organized, please e-mail links to:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Global Dates and Contacts

U.S. and Canada

McNamara Federal Building in Downtown Detroit
12pm on Monday - Be There Early!

Hartford, CT: 860-670-4902 or email

Corners of McHenry and Briggsmore
3pm, Monday, Be There Early!

San Jose:

San Diego:
Federal Building at 880 Front St. (Front St and Broadway)
12pm, Monday, Be There Early!

James R Thompson Centre
100 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL, 60601
12pm, Monday, Be There Early!


Cesar Chavez Plaza, Downtown Phoenix
12pm Monday, Be There Early!

Las Vegas: Lilyan Kasto - 702-245-6372
425 Freemont St. (Freemont Parking Garage), Las Vegas NV 89101
Meet at 11.30am on Monday. 

Los Angelas: Assyrian American Association of Southern California
Corner of Ventura Blvrd and Sepulveda
4-7pm, Monday 8th

Toronto & Hamilton:,
Downtown Toronto: Satuday 1.00pm starting at Yonge and Front
 Downtown Hamilton: Sunday 1.00pm in Gore Park 


Guetersloh, Germany (more in Augsburg, Wiesbaden, Essen)
In front of shopping centre "Karstadt"
2.30pm, Friday 12th Nov, Be There Early!

 Old Palace Yard, SW1 - Facebook Event
12pm, Monday, Be There Early!

Sweden: Sait Yildiz +46 707 964 928 - 


Australia: Contact Nahren Sharina Georges and Anabell St Vincent